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Perfect Knowledge Managementfor Individuals & Teams

Why do I use lexiCan?

lexiCan allows you to easily consolidate and cross-link various kinds of knowledge and information e.g. texts, pictures and files within one article like you know it from Wikipedia. As a result everything is at one place, cross-linked and can be found much better and faster.

What for do I use lexiCan?

In your profession for example lexiCan helps you to create scientific works, to manage and maintain your data stock or to organise and illustrate different themes of investigation. In privat lexiCan supports you to organise your hobby, your household, your journeys etc..

How do I use lexiCan?

You can quickly create projects, fill them with content using Copy'n Paste. Crosslink them easily by using Drag'n Drop. Different views, several search and export functions allow you to handle and access your developed knowledge base in a very comfortable way.


The System Requirements

lexiCan Pro can easily be installed and used on all supported Windows Systems

Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or higher

Press Reviews

“[...] Image and text documents, spreadsheets, and cross-references are converging on subjects related wiki pages.”    c't 2014

“Impressiv feature set at a fair price”
Chip 2008

“lexiCan can easily structure your date.”
c't 2012

“Build your own wiki within a few clicks.”
Chip 2011


Customer Reviews

"We evaluated various wiki systems and document management systems. Only lexiCan truly convinced us!"
Marco A. Bardola, Swisscom AG

"The price / performance ratio compared to other wiki solutions and other convenient operation convinced us to lexiCan."
Frank Hemmerich, KommTek

"The plan was a construction period of about 6 months, but after less than 2 months working structures were created and all involved in our Wiki."
Dr. Maike Höch, Vet

"Not only for internal knowledge Management of the firm but also as a project-based information system, we have lexiCan daily use .."
Prof. Dr. Darius O. Schindler, Lawyer


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